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Property photography: How best to showcase your home.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Shooting properties might seem easy, but few simple tips can make your home shine and catch the eyes of your visitors. Whether you need to attract possible buyers or rent your apartment, we need to put ourselves into the viewer's perspective. It has to invite and make the viewer comfortable to picture them self in that atmosphere. Make your home shine! We want their imagination to get above and beyond, having dreams of living in that space.

A good thing to remember is that a cozy and welcoming space will prompt the clients to ask questions and set an appointment to visiting your house. Even rent the property on the spot (if that's your goal).

When shooting pictures to rent a property, I find it essential to include images of the surrounding neighbourhood or village; those pictures will highlight the beauties of the territory. Ask yourself: Why is your house special?

Some advice for homeowners. It is mandatory to have the house cleaned, with fresh linen and towels where you want to show it.

Perhaps, having some fresh flowers as a decoration provides a charming and curated atmosphere. Although, be careful do not to clutter your space with unnecessary extravagance. Keep-it simple and with a coherent style is the best way to go.

Some other important factors photographers consider:

Light plays a crucial role in perceiving a bigger space and can give a feel of lightness. Sometimes the area we photograph won't have enough natural light. I recommend freeing your windows from any impediment such as curtains and, where that is not enough, a flash is your best friend. Bouncing your light on the ceiling can illuminate the space without leaving hard shadows.

Regarding your lens, you should use a wide-angle lens not less than 24mm. Choosing this lens will accommodate the whole room in your photo. It will be needed to make some minor adjustments in postproduction to correct the lens distortions on your wall lines and so on. Another tool that a photographer shouldn't forget is a tripod. To have consistently the same point of view. The horizon line at the same high and never too much ceiling nor floor. Be mindful that you will need at least two pictures for each room.

In conclusion, before you start shooting, walk throughout the house and make sure that everything is ready. Make sure to adjust the last minor imperfections, such as fallen pillows, etc. Check that your gear is ready to shoot. If everything is in order when you start taking pictures, every room could quickly be photographed. And the same light will be all over your property.

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