On the Rive Banks 

When foreign to a new country, the first thing missing is the ability to express yourself clearly. 
What makes you feel even more of a stranger, is not been understood from a linguistic and cultural point of view. Overcoming the trauma of migrating is hard enough. 
To be accepted, integrated, respected is important, in order to be able to communicate and adapt.
The ARCI association "Magazzino Sul Po" since 2011, plays a fundamental role in foreign students attending the Italian school. 
I decided to photograph the girls and boys of the past year 2017/2018.
Through my project "On the river banks" I want to share a positive message. 
My hope is, to help overcome the fear of differences that is dividing my country. 
More than 100 teenagers sat in this class along the city river during the past years. These kids are followed by volunteers and trainees from the University of Turin.
There are about 13 students who attend the Italian course. Their origins are varied starting from North Africa, Central Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia. These students are housed by social services, such as: Social Cooperative Tenda Project, Children's Defense Foundation, Foreign Minors Office, Chronos Social Cooperative, Gruppo Arco Cooperative.

I spent four months with this class. During our weekly meetings, we played in groups and had role games so that everyone felt free to express their personality. We had discussions about the meaning of words like Knowledge, Education, and School during a questionnaire filled in class.
Given the presence of minor subjects and the corresponding protection of their image and privacy, I wasn't allowed to show some of the kid's faces nor their names.