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For every service, we will have at least one preliminary meeting,

where we will decide on the editorial line we would like to follow such as:
Location, time of the day for the best light, dresses, makeup, message you want to convey, etc. 
The time we have together on the day of the shooting will vary, depending on your package of choice.
These are some guidelines to give you an idea, everything can be tailored to your needs and vision. 
We can always add more time and/or more images. 



I offer a complete service to my customers, where we can tailor our shooting to your every need. 

To bring to life our ideas, I usually like to have a first meeting where we can discuss the idea for the shooting, the ideal time for the best light, location, and dresses, to have an editorial line to follow. Depending on the location, outdoor or indoor, the price will be varying.

There are five available packages:

  • Bronze - 1 Hour  15 images 

  • Silver - 2 hours 25 images

  • Gold - 3 Hours 35 images

  • Diamond - 4 Hours 45 images 

  • Emerald - 5 Hours 50 images



The package includes but is not limited to:
Full coverage of the event and post production on the pictures.
A small selection of images can be delivered on the spot during the event for social media sharing.

  • Rate calculated per Hour 

  • Fixed amount per Post production day 


Commercial &
Business  Reportage

Business reportage is valid for one or more shooting days at your workplace. In our first meeting, we will discuss ideas for the shooting,
Delivery of high-resolution jpeg for print and low-resolution jpeg for web sharing. 
It can also include professional head shoot for your employees and post production. Products for e-comm shooting 

Four packages are available starting from :

  • S - 35 images 

  • M - 50 images 

  • L - 75 images 

  • XL - 100 images 

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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