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Pre-mamam photography

Pregnancy pictures are something that I cherish deeply. To me, they are a celebration of the power of womanhood and a wonder to the force of nature that we are. What our body and mind can accomplish during those nine months and beyond; is something that I never get tired of photographing.

When a future mom comes to me for her pregnancy picture, I always like to get a sense of who they are and what are their interests. I love to celebrate and underline the peculiarity of her character and intensifying her distinctive style. We are all unique so, I believe, should be your portrait.

Pregnancy pictures are a special session where I witness the unique bond build during the gestation between the mom and the child. When it comes to shooting for this occasion, I want to do my best to have the mom at ease and relaxed so that she can beam the glow of her bliss. I make a point in working with the mother to tailor my work around her needs. I want to understand how she is like? How can I portrait the best version possible of her?

Nevertheless, I find it incredibly fun when it's time to shoot with the fathers as well. The chemistry between the parents always leaves me out of breath. I feel lucky to be part of their magic for one day.

I love when fathers bring on their uniqueness. It is priceless to me to see and capture the alchemy that is between a couple. I make sure to catch the bond and complicity of your family so that when you look at the pictures, you can cherish it and remember it with joy.

Now getting down to the details of the shooting day: As I said before, I like it when the all-party involved are at ease.

That, to me, is one of the most crucial aspects. You don't need to fake a smile or pretend to be someone else.

But it is essential that you feel comfortable will allow you to be yourself in front of the camera.

It will take so much energy away to try and be something you are not, and in the end, you will see a version of yourself that is not the real one. I love authenticity, it works wonders, and it will serve for the best. For everyone, because it will, in the end, speak your true story.

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