Voluptatem ligula

What is represented in these images are people able to feel pleasure in physical pain. The issues addressed during this event are profound: Bonding, submitting, the sense of slavery, and pain as a choice. Many of them are difficult to grasp and often are not understood or accepted by society. Through this work, I looked into a community that experiences physical pain differently from the "norm".  
This manifestation is a hymn to suffering, a feeling that is present daily in our lives, around us, within us.  Often felt as the lowest vibration of the human being, agony and fear are feelings that we all feel. 
Is it possible to atone, free oneself from the troubles that arise in the depths of our being, through bodily pain?
Skin bruised, lashes that flay the skin,  ropes that tighten wrists and ankles; senseless and cloudiness that comes within the pressure falling of the blood, circulating at a different pace. There must be knowledge of the human body to practice. The dominant has to know the reactions that our tissues have to the physical stress to which they are subject. 
A very different situation from pain inflicted with intentional and cruelty. Yet, seeing the bruises, and identifying these sores in the form of physical love practice, is still upsetting to many people. 
Society rejects it, ghettoizes it, locks it up in boxes with negative nomenclatures and connotations. Perverted, disturbed, diverted... 
No life is immune to suffering. The way we experience it, however, still has many unexplored, misunderstood, and twisted aspects.
I admire an open-minded society that allows this fair while comparing it to my own country, where Catholicism tolerates masochism only in the form of atonement for sins during religious rites. I was excited to walk through the streets of SOMA for the first time to discover a new world for me.