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Family photo shooting

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Family portraits are unique and special. They usually mark a moment in life when everything is bliss. The joy that a newborn can bring, it is something so big that it's difficult to compare to anything else. It is such an important point in one life that it must be captured and remembered forever. Looking back at those joyous years will be something that you will cherish with delight. One thing that I love about the Family portraits, is that I get to experience the pride and joy of a new family. A feeling of everlasting happiness.

How do we get ready for such a day? When you book a photo appointment, you can find yourself asking: "How does this work?"

Once you have set your mind on your favorite photographer, the first step is setting a date that works best for you, the client.

It is good to choose a day where you are not in a rush, and we can have some time to be together.

When I book a family portrait session, I look forward to spending some time with you, get to know you, and document the atmosphere in your family. That's why I love to have half a day at least for our meeting. It allows you to get comfortable, change location and, have some more diverse pictures. It may seem a lot of time. From my experience, the best pictures also happen when we got accustomed to each other; and the camera that is in front of you. I would say to consider no less than 1.5 hours minimum, to a max of 4 hours.

The second question mark is often dressing. I suggest wearing something that you feel comfortable. Getting in front of a camera can be intimidating for some people, better wear clothing that makes you feel secure. Although I suggest comfort, I do recommend dressing up a bit. You don't want to look at the pictures and see yourself in PJs.

The third point is the location. Shooting at home can give some special intimate moments. For example, changing diapers is a ritual that the baby and parents share and is a routine that creates bonding. A familiar, room can relax the kids and put them at ease. They are confident in their element and willing to share and show their toys. These interactions are a source of spontaneous and candid images.

Nonetheless, outdoor can give a change of scenery and allows to have assorted images. Every season can have some magical light and sparkle an enchanted atmosphere.

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