During this year hit by the pandemic, I had time to reflect on the meaning of travel. I undoubtedly missed traveling; there is a primordial instinct inside of me that feels restricted. My mother tells me that by some part of our ancestors, we descent from gypsy, of the Balkans. Maybe that can explain my inner frustration of been unable to travel.

Recollection is an ongoing project shot on film.
For many years I have been collecting images of places, colors, and horizons of the world. This project wants to be a prompt, a visual diary, that reflects on what's left in our memory after experiencing a place.
With this collection, I have edited this work thinking about images that spoke to me on my feelings and memories of those places visited. They call to me reminiscences of emotions.
Memories are subjective to the feelings and emotions we have lived.
Some are strong and clear in our minds and, some are fickle.
Memories shape our persona and develop our been. My question is then, if memories are subjective, then what matters the most?  The feelings that they give of the exact recollection of the events? What do we care most to value in the end?