Benefits of Cannabis SativaL. for the Italian flowers industry in western Liguria.

Farmers have started to converted their greenhouse plots for the cultivation of Hemp SativaL. Legalized in Italy in 2016.

This type of plant produces a flower with the minimum content of THC (legal limit 0,5% in Italy) the cannabinoid with psychotic principles.

Since 1800, the craft of flower-grower took place, Liguria. The undeniable privileged position of this area has favored the development of this industry for centuries. Its fame reached the major European cities thanks to the development of infrastructures, making it possible to move goods throughout Europe at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

But the same development that helped the region two centuries before, was also signing its decline. It is estimated that from 1982 to 2010, around 50% of flower companies closed, due to the shifting of production in the southern hemisphere of the world.

In countries such as Africa and South America, Flowers cultivation has significantly lower costs. This implicates a much higher environmental cost, due to the transport of goods. 

The greenhouses in the area of Sanremo are the symbol of this floriferous industry. Currently, there are about 157 hectares of uncultivated land; which represents 14% of the territory in a state of abandonment. Neglecting these areas can create a problem at the hydrological level. The cemented terraces have made the ground impermeable. The periods of continuous and incessant rain; that for years have been modifying the rainy season in the Mediterranean have already shown the damage that abandonment of these areas can cause. It is urgent to a redevelopment of the territory. Throughout incentives towards the developing forms of agriculture that are suitable for this land. For this reason, the cultivation of hemp Sativa L. has presented itself as one of the best industries capable of redeveloping the ponente area.

The legacy of a territorial tradition raises the quality of crops: The typical seaside greenhouse stairs, are fruits and plants such as figs and citrus fruits in the fields, and cross cultivation of vegetables, are these farms' historical characteristics that mark the flowers of the Riviera as excellence. 

Throughout the legalization and trade of hemp Sativa L. this region could return to invest in this century-old industry that needs the micro-climatic conditions of this area to thrive. 

Source: "Riqualificazione paesaggistica delle serre e delle aree abbandonate nel comune di Sanremo" di Stefano Notari - relatore Francesca Mazzino Università degli Studi di Genova, Scuola Politecnica Dipartimento Architettura e Design. Marzo 2019.