There is a saying that goes by: "The eye also wants its part". 

What do aesthetic sense and fashion mean for different abele people? 

What we wear is the first sign of identity that we send to the people around us it is part of what represents us externally. 

Diverse people are underrepresented in the fashion industry. Their presence should be considered not only in fashion shows but mostly in fashion designs as well. Most of the clothes in shops are not thought, nor meant to be worn by diverse people. They don't consider the specific needs that some conditions require. Since 2018 the stylists Arianna Merlo and Giulia Nota, with the support of the educators Monica Pinato and Manuela Conti, held this project with a group of people that participate throughout a daycare center in Chieri Italy. 

 Monica Pinato and Manuela Conti started with recycling textile materials and industrial typos. The project was called “Scarto Matto”. They then expanded the idea to make articles of clothing that were designed from, and for, the participants. "Right to beauty," is then the evolution and gives the participants freedom to express their taste while keeping in mind the person's need. Guided by the educators, this group has worked on their fashion items just like any other designer would do. It starts with iconographic research, drawing models, finding the materials, and sawing the clothing. 

The materials are donated by some companies in the province of Biella, Chieri, and Alba. Among the companies that have donated their waste: Corte di Chieri, Tessitura Rivese di Riva near Chieri, Trivero spinning mill in Gaglianico, Ditta Miroglio di Alba.